A Seeker Named


Life has always been about the dance between the inner and the outer for me.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with who I am as an individual and who we are as a collective. Letting the different stages of wonder guide me through my child-hood, adolescent and into adult-hood.

As a infinitely curious seeker, my intuition has taken me into many different fields. 

First into my formal study of sociology and massage-therapy. And then as a co-(ex-)founder of a bootstrapped company – learning what it means to run a company in a capitalistic society. 

From there entering into the arts – as a musician and a freelance graphic- and web-designer.

Along all of these endeavours, my curiosity into inner Self was never satisfied.

Seeking out workshops. Practicing  meditation and self-inquiry. Diving into the depth of psychedelics and spirituality. Discovering therapy and family constellations. Putting on the  systems, integral and mystical lenses, Discovering the weirdly fractal realm of web3. 

And finally stumbling upon ontological coaching, to provide me with a rich framework, foundation and freedom to support others in the inner and outer realms of their humanity

My purpose has made itself clear to me repeatedly in my life: 

I am here to be a stand for human beings to live an integrated, expressed and fulfilled experience of life.

Along this journey, I have unfolded into two visions.

One vision orientated towards transforming and empowering individuals to live an integrated and fully expressed life.

And one orientated towards regenerating and facilitating our collective ecosystem into a more abundant and nourishing reality.

Transformational Coaching

and Leadership Development

Ontological coaching holds a dear place in my heart. It’s able to combine not just deep inquiry into the inner world of a human, but also facilitate action and movement in the outer world.

However my journey into this work wasn’t linear. In fact I was in resistance to coaching for many years prior. But out of nowhere about three years ago I stumbled across a podcast (Coaches Rising) which opened my mind and heart to the depth that is available in the coaching methodology and framework.

My first course was lead by Toku McCree and Matt Thielmann (two great coaches) – who taught me the basics of the craft. Here I was also introduced to ontological coaching, causing me to seek out teachers to learn this methodology fully.

That’s how I ended up studying and working with Adam Quiney and Bay Quiney over the last two years – deepening and uncovering my own art of coaching further.


Facilitator and System Builder

I started my Web3-journey working for Aragon over several month. There I supported the Aragon Association and the Aragon DAO in internal cultural transformation and conflict mediation (cultivating healthy relationships and communication culture).

After deciding to look further, I shifted my focus to the ReFi (Regenerative Finance) space, finding deep resonance with the regenerative ethos (which I had held myself previously along my life). That’s how I then met and started working with Daryl Edwards and John Ellison at ReFi DAO

Since then I’ve been working with ReFi DAO to grow and enable founders from the ReFi space to come together and mutually empower each other (via “Founders Circle”).

My interest in the possibility space of Web3 is both a personal and societal one. Continually scoping out new ways for humans to interact with each other.


We are all made up of a distinguishable Essence.
We are born with this Essence and it shapes how we show up in the world.

This is the Essence of my Being.








In the winter of 1993, I was born a twin to a German punk musician (turned meditation teacher) and an Australian/Italian/Hungarian artist and photographer.


Growing up in Berlin, I was steeped in a diverse, rich, trashy, groovy, cool and alternative tapestry of art, culture, history, and lifestyles.

Berlin provided me with a space to become who I am today.

Discovering a new world

With 8 years of age, I immigrated to Australia with my family. Leaving all that I knew behind and spending my early-youth in Adelaide, Australia.

This period shaped me fundamentally and imbued me with the size of the globe and it’s diverse geographies, people and lifestyles.

Arrive back in Berlin

After several moves back and forth between Australia and Germany in during this time, my family finally settled back in Berlin. Allowing me arrive and to build a life based on a foundation of my intrinsic interest.

I studied sociology, co-founded a company, played live-techno sets in clubs, read philosophy, discovered spirituality, mediated, explored ‘psycho-technologies’, became “integral” and had it all figured out… (of course I didn’t, I just thought I did)

Owning my passion

But after trying out many different avenues and domains of practice, I still wasn’t fulfilled.

I was very capable and skilled at many things, but I still hadn’t admitted to myself what I was really passionate about: Work with people exploring their inner and outer realms.

Creating in the world

Coming to terms with this desire, the next questions of course was to figure out how I might live a life, doing what I loved.

I was surprised when various people came my way and enabled me a opening into the world of ontological coaching – but much more importantly – tying together all of my passions into on profession.

This showed me how much I can create and generate the life I desire.

Being in the world

Even though my first year of business was strong, couldn’t fully accept is as a reality yet.

“You mean I get to empower my passion AND support myself to live abundantly?”

I thought it would end after a year, and I would get to call myself lucky for the time I enjoyed.

However this practice, this work, my passion and the life I get to lead has integrated into my Being. 

I am now clear on what I desire, who I am here to serve, from which place I source all of this work.