A Two Week Leadership Retreat in Costa Rica

Maximilian Hachtmann

For the second time in the last two years, I’ve traveled to Costa Rica (the Arenal area to be specific) where I am partaking in a 2-week leadership retreat. The retreat is part of The Forge, which develops and trains coaches and leaders in ontological coaching and leadership. It’s a place to uncover more about myself, while also being a stand for others to uncover more of themselves.

It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to travel to a beautiful place – one full of life and abundance – so as to continue deepening and develop my own inner work. And all of this while spending the time with amazing individuals, humans, coaches, who are as fascinated about the work as I am.

In the first week, I will be a full participant. I’ll be…
– distinguishing more of my shadows (also called survival mechanisms)
– deepening my relationship to my essence
– practicing to trust those who are standing for my leadership.

It’s a wild and amazing process to partake in. Often we sit in Circle and work with anything and everything that is present in that moment. From there space is created to be able to open into the various topics that show up while together. It’s one full of love, understanding, clarity and joy.

Once the second week starts, I step into more of a leadership role. This is when the second half of the participants arrive – here I practice leading not just through my Doing, but primarily through my Being (my essence). It’s another opportunity to deepen the work I do with my clients – as the depth and width I am able to be with, informs what my clients get to be with. There is a direct connection between the work I do, and the work I can support my clients with.

The wildness of the jungle meets all.

This is why I’ve flown half-way round the world, hiked up a small mountain to arrive in the place we’re staying and will be showing up with all of myself – the parts I want to share and those I am afraid to be seen with.

What this also marks is another year of stepping closer to facilitating my own in-person groups. Over the years I’ve facilitated various groups, but none yet in the context of ontological coaching. Being in a space that empowers this modality provides me with the opportunity of seeing, sensing, understanding and feeling this work even more deeply.

I arrived today, settling into the space and tomorrow the work begins! I’m beyond excited and have been looking forward to this for the last six month. I’m so fortunate to be able to travel the world for my own personal and professional development, partaking in powerful inner work, breath fresh mountain air, and enjoying the gifts that the earth is providing me with.

With the Arenal volcano in view,
I send Fire, Aliveness, Abundance and Joy,

Maximilian Hachtmann

Ontological Coach