Maximilian Hachtmann


Integrate Your Being

Maximilian Hachtmann


Integrate Your Being

In the journey of unfolding into yourself, you discover that your self-created reality, was sourced from who you thought you should be.
And not from who you are in the core of your Being - your Essence.
From that moment onwards, those courageous enough inquire into the root of who they are - and who they desire to become.


to unfold into your deepest authentic expression of Self


to generate the life you desire to experience


to empower others to step into their full Being


Integrate Your Being







Ontological Coaching inquires into the source of who you are and how you have constructed your reality.

Because who you understand yourself to be, determines the reality you experience.

To transform your reality, you must first recognise your essence and then claim that which you see as yours.

Arrive in the present moment, and become aware of the ever-present Being you are

Only then will you free yourself into the abundant flow and expression of your innate Being. From that recognition you can create and live the life you yearn for.

This marks the shift into an integrated way of experiencing, creating and leading your Being.

11 Weeks



11 weeks of ontological coaching dedicated to a clear and intentional forward movement in your life. 

A space in service of realising one clear desire, while opening you up to your inner Self.

11 Months



11 months of ontological coaching dedicated to re-discovering, trusting into and reclaiming your Essence

To live from the core of your Being and experience the fullness of your authentic self.

Linus Renz
Project Manager

Maximilian has helped me move from thinking to feeling in several facets of my life. We broke down old narratives and looked at what my current reality looks like. In our weekly sessions I always had the opportunity to take stock, with Max as a wonderful corrective for stuck thought processes and self-judgment. I am very grateful for the time we explored together.

François Rheault
Associate Director of Global Marketing, Immunology, CSL Behring

I had the pleasure of working with Maximilian over a 12-month period where he coached me through an important period of my self-development. I was in the middle of pursuing my next growth opportunity from a professional standpoint, so I decided to hire him to coach me through this transition.

In the first phase of coaching, Maximilian was instrumental in supporting me to embrace my courage to follow through on the professional opportunity. Once I got the promotion, Maximilian helped me through a very intense time of change. He did this by helping me identify some of my blindspots, identify my priorities and stay centered on the things that were most important to me. Part of the work included a session with my wife and I, to help uncover some of the dynamics driving our decisions.

As a result, I attribute a part of the success I had in securing a promotion and hitting the ground running in my new position, to the work I did with Maximilian. He helped me process the thoughts and feelings I was having through my journey and gain greater clarity on who I was and what I was looking to achieve. He also guided me through a goal-setting process and kept me accountable for my own commitments. 

Maximilian is someone who came across as authentic and I felt he deeply cared about my success and me as a person. Maximilian also has a certain “je ne sais quoi” about him, that words would not do justice in explaining. Have one conversation with him and you will see what I mean. 

Christopher Janke
Product Owner

The coaching process with Maximilian offered me a protected and empowered space for my own development, which I have missed very much in recent years. It is incredibly liberating to be able to work with a regularity on my fullfillment and my interaction with the world. Maximilian navigates my unstructured thoughts with great confidence and empathy, and helped me to find tools for myself and strengthens me.

Sascha Jakubenko
Photographer & Artist

I perceived working with Maximilian like entering a space of focus. A space in which the two of us looking at me, profoundly changed the way I approached myself and how I took responsibility in this process. 

In the time we met, a lot in my life was transforming and being with Maximilian felt like standing on a calm plane between the messy layers of change that were sliding into each other. Looking at all the messy affairs was not only safe and felt productive but really made „the looking“ itself agile, steady and joyful after all. 

Over the course of 11 weeks, we were cruising through a lot of topics and seemingly changed our course multiple times. But what the experience as a whole left me with, is a great feeling of acceptance, appreciation, grounding and competence in myself.

Dominga Correa de la Noi

Maximilian was very intuitive in our sessions and oriented me towards finding my deepest desires. This while helping me to find the obstacles that I put in front of myself, which block that possibility and opening up of a new sense of hope.

He gave me the tools to understand myself and my mechanisms better. I highly recommend trusting the process, trusting him and trusting yourself in this journey. It felt a lot like teamwork and that was really nice to experience in our work together.